Recreational disturbance impacts on the Taw Torridge estuary

After spending much of last winter in the field, Richard has delivered an illuminating final report on human recreational use, wintering waterbird populations and distributions, and the interactions between the two at the Taw-Torridge estuary in North Devon. The project was undertaken for Natural England, The RSPB, Torridge District Council, North Devon Council and the North Devon AONB, who will now look to develop and implement suitable management and mitigation approaches to protect wintering birds and promote biodiversity generally, based on the reported findings and recommedations.

Wildlife and Wind Farms books shortlisted for Award

We are delighted that Volumes 1 & 2 of the Wildlife and Wind Farms series have been shortlisted for the 2019 Wildlife Publication Award for the best edited book. Martin Perrow's editing skills are outstanding and it is great to see his talent publically recognized.

£500,000 project to restore clear water at Ranworth Broad

ECON are collaborating on a £500,000 project to restore clear water conditions at Ranworth Broad. The project follows on from ECON's sucess with the biomanipulation of Cockshoot and Barton Broads. ECON's work will involve creating three large biomanipulation zones. In these areas fish populations will be rebalanced to restore clear water conditions. This process involves removing and relocating zooplanktivorous fish so that zooplankton increase and consume the excess algae that cause water turbidity. Bream will also be removed and relocated as they too contribute to water turbidity by disturbing sediments when feeding. Restoring clear water will enable the growth of aquatic plants, increasing Ranworth's biodiversity. The photo below shows clearly the difference between biomanipulated (right) and unbiomanipulated (left) areas.

Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts - Stirling 2019

Martin Perrow has been invited to be on the scientific committee of this exciting conference. The conference, which will be held from 27-30th August, will bring together experts from across the globe for a series of keynote talks, sessions and workshops to share knowledge on the impacts of wind energy on wildlife and discuss the upcoming challenges for this dynamic industry. Registration for the conference is now open on the website at

Wind Farms and Wildlife Books

Martin Perrow has worked incredibly hard to complete the final volume (4) of the highly acclaimed Wind Farms and Wildlife series. Volume 3, which details the potential impacts offshore wind farms is in press, available to order from January 2019. Volume 4, the final one of the series, will describe monitoring and mitigation measures for offshore wind. All four volumes will be available to purchase at the next Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts due to be held in Scotland in 2019 (see article above).

Links with UCL

Martin Perrow's status as an Honorary Research Fellow at UCL has been extended. He recently gave a highly acclaimed lunchtime seminar to students on the effects and impacts of offshore wind farms on wildlife. The talk covered all offshore wildlife including fish, marine mammal, migratory birds and bats, and especially seabirds.

Eels Project

Following an exciting field season in 2018, Andrew is currently analyzing the data gathered as part of the comprehensive study of eels within the River Glaven catchment. This work, carried out by the Sustainable Eel Group and funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) will further our understanding of this fragile species within the Glaven catchment.

Roseate Terns Project

Following a successful field season of visual tracking Roseate Terns from Rockabill, led by Richard Berridge, preparations are underway to produce some exciting papers! The data gathered will provide important information on the foraging ecology of this protected species and will improve the knowledge base on which we define protected areas.


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